About the Transition

Washington University in St. Louis is moving from Blackboard to Canvas for our Learning Management System (LMS). Beginning June 2019, Blackboard will no longer be available for teaching. All courses will be taught in Canvas.

Faculty and instructors who have not yet migrated their courses to Canvas should sign up to receive a demo course, access to communications and training materials. If you plan to use content from a course in a different LMS, such as Blackboard, be sure to visit the Course Content Migration page.

Faculty: Not Yet Using Canvas?

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Review the timeline to see where we are on the migration from Blackboard to Canvas.

Gantt chart depicting the project timeline. Lasting from July 2018 until June 2020, the project is divided into 5 phases: Phase 1, Early Adopters; Phase 2, Non-SIS Courses & Organizations; Phase 3, Academic Expansion; Phase 4, Full Conversion; and Phase 5, Blackboard Retirement