Courses will not be automatically migrated from Blackboard to Canvas due to differences in the course structures of the two systems. Instead, manual migration will occur on a course-by-course basis, at each instructor’s discretion.

Options for course migration include:

  • Migrate courses yourself via an Export/Import process (instructions)
  • Request migration help from the WashU Canvas Project Team
  • Build new courses and content directly in Canvas
  • A combination of one or more of these above options

For a list of Canvas features and how they compare to Blackboard, see Comparison of Blackboard features to Canvas features.

How much time is required?

Course migration is a manual process that takes time. While it’s hard to quantify, we know the following variables affect the overall time required:

  • Your experience with and skill using learning management systems, Canvas in particular
  • Your overall level of comfort with technology
  • Quantity of course content
  • Complexity of the course, such as variety of LMS tools and third-party software integrations

You should also expect to spend ample time organizing your course and verifying that the migrated content appears as you intend.

1 LMS & Technology Skills includes your Canvas knowledge and experience, your knowledge and experience of the LMS your course is in (e.g., Blackboard), and your overall level of comfort with technology.

2 Content Quantity & Complexity refers to the amount of material in the course, variety of tools used, organization of the course, integration of third-party tools, etc.


How do I get help?

The more you know about Canvas, the easier the transition to the new LMS will be. We offer Canvas training in a variety of formats, including help with migration. You may schedule an Office Hours appointment or contact your Canvas School-Level Support. Be sure to allow enough lead time before your course begins to schedule appointments, complete the migration process, and review your migrated course content.