Courses will not be automatically migrated from Blackboard to Canvas due to differences in the course structures of the two systems. Instead, manual migration will occur on a course-by-course basis, at each instructor’s discretion.

Options for course migration include:

  • Migrate courses yourself via an Export/Import process (instructions)

  • Request migration help from the WashU Canvas Project Team

  • Build new courses and content directly in Canvas

  • A combination of one or more of these options

Blackboard Data Wizard

What data do you need to export from Blackboard and what is the best way to export it? Answer the questions in the Blackboard Data Wizard to find out.

Content Migration Report

Based on your answers, the Migration Report recommends an approach to migrate Blackboard course content to Canvas and offers tips to help you prepare your Canvas course.

Feature Comparison

How do you do something in Canvas that you’ve done in Blackboard? Review the Comparison of Blackboard features to Canvas features to see how the systems compare.

How much time is required?

Course migration is a manual process that takes time. While it’s hard to quantify, we know the following variables affect the overall time required:

  • Your experience with and skill using learning management systems, Canvas in particular
  • Your overall level of comfort with technology
  • Quantity of course content
  • Complexity of the course, such as variety of LMS tools and third-party software integrations

You should also expect to spend ample time organizing your course and verifying that the migrated content appears as you intend.

1 LMS & Technology Skills includes your Canvas knowledge and experience, your knowledge and experience of the LMS your course is in (e.g., Blackboard), and your overall level of comfort with technology.

2 Content Quantity & Complexity refers to the amount of material in the course, variety of tools used, organization of the course, integration of third-party tools, etc.


How do I get help?

The more you know about Canvas, the easier the transition to the new LMS will be. We offer Canvas training in a variety of formats, including help with migration. You may schedule an Office Hours appointment or contact your Canvas School-Level Support. Be sure to allow enough lead time before your course begins to schedule appointments, complete the migration process, and review your migrated course content.